Keep your dogs diet on target

People know consuming the proper vitamins is important in staying healthy in the day to day routine. Too often, even though a dog is man’s best friend, people don’t think about what to feed their four-legged friends. Dogs also need to eat right in order to stay healthy. A proper dog diet is important.

Just going to the grocery store and buying the first bag of dog food you see is not sufficient. Dogs need certain vitamins in order to stay healthy and to be able to live a long, happy and active lifestyle.
When selecting dog food for your pet, it is imperative to read the labels. Purchasing dog food should be an educated decision, just like purchasing dinner for your family.  My dog is important to me and I like to spend lots of time with him target shooting with ar500 steel targets for my AR15 from Shooting Targets 7 so I want to keep him healthy.

What are the Ingredients in Dog Food?

Most dog foods indicate some kind of meat content. The meat actually has a high water content, so if the truth were told the food contains very little meat.

Many dog foods list byproducts as ingredients. Byproducts could mean a variety of things, ranging from blood and brains to bone and other animal parts.

Dog smiling
Dog food

Many dog foods include preservatives, artificial colors, and stabilizers. Any of those scientific sounding ingredients must be improved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) or recognized as safe, so they will not harm your dog.

There are synthetic preservatives included in some dog foods. These ingredients prevent fats from spoiling and enable dry dog food to remain fresh for as long as a year. I also enjoy watching this AR500 steel shooting targets with my dogs. The FDA has deemed them as safe for consumption in the amounts that are in dog food, but some scientists and pet owners do not think they are a wise option.

If you are not sure about what kind of dog food to select for your pet, do not hesitate to ask your veterinarian. Your veterinarian knows your dog and your dog’s needs. Most pet professionals will say that any dog food that indicates it is Nutritionally Balanced or that it contains a day’s recommended vitamins, then it should provide your dog’s needed nutrition.

Get the Correct Dog Food for Your Dog’s Age

Another important aspect of selecting the right dog food is your dog’s age. A puppy would not need the same kind of food as a senior dog.

Your dog’s diet can be affected greatly by its age. There are puppy foods, adult dog foods, and senior dog foods. Treat your dog well and feed him health food and he should be ready for you to take him shooting rifle targets with you anytime. A happy dog is a healthy dog.